Gtop tiles since its start has been very critical of quality delivery. We see quality actions in every aspect of business activity that we carry out. This is a sure shot way of reducing loss and improving processes for better efficiency.

For products we have final testing as well as stage wise testing. This ensures lower rejection and promises better outputs. We test raw materials of every batch that is taken in the Gate. The test reports are well organized and statistically studied for improvements. For every stage of production we have quality checking and control mechanisms to ensure smooth and flawless integration of production.

For other activities like packing, stuffing, dispatch, accounting and purchase, we have set up systems that ensure high quality delivery. This reduces interaction and hence helps us focus on key issues of business.

We are in process of getting ISO certification for our product and systems of operation.

When you work with us you can rest assured you are working with a consistently improving business house.
Glossy Digital - 30 x 60 cm
Elevation Digital - 30 x 60 cm
Glossy Elevation
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